Governance Objectives

The Board of Trustees is committed to maintaining the required standards and processes to ensure that the oversight, management, administration and fiduciary obligations of the pension plan are being met. With this in mind, they have established four objectives:

  1. Investment Objectives

    Achieve long-term investment returns that contribute to the financial strength of the plan and to meet or exceed those returns identified in the plan’s Statement of Investment Policy and Procedures.

  2. Organizational Objectives

    Manage the affairs of the plan professionally, cost effectively and in compliance with all applicable laws and policies.

  3. Communications Objectives

    Communicate broadly and effectively so all plan members, beneficiaries and stakeholders understand what the Board is doing and how the Board is helping to keep the plan’s long-term pension promises.

  4. Administration Objectives

    Treat members and beneficiaries impartially by interpreting the plan terms fairly, impartially and in good faith. Prevent personal interests from conflicting with those of the plan or fund. Maintain accurate and complete records and, within the scope of its authority, ensure members and beneficiaries receive their benefits accurately and on a timely basis.